Note to secretaries: Please check registrations for your club.
Corrections can be emailed to me or put in the post.

Draw a line through any who have left and add new ones at the end.
Ensure that those over 60 who bowl for you in the Vets are marked with a V.

If a name is highlighted in red then you need to supply me with the registration    number.
If there are two bowlers with the same name in the same club then please differentiate somehow and remember to use the correct one when completing result cards or the averages will be incorrect.
Finally, indicate starred players in the usual way by writing a number in the appropriate column.

These registrations are held in a PDF file. In order to
view and then print this information you will need
ADOBE READER. If you have not already got it in your
system you can download a copy by clicking on the button above.
In order to save time in administration of registrations and to save space on the web site the registrations for all clubs are now available in one file.

You can page through the file, search for names or numbers and print one or more pages as you wish. Just take care when printing that you don't ask for all 46 pages when you only inted to print your own club.
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